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A place for bicycle tourists and their journals

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A great way to find new journals is the Serendipity page - this is a random list of 30 pictures from the different journals on the website. You'll find some real gems in there, so check it out.

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Current Featured Journal:

The Son Also Rises

Linda's son comes on tour with her through several of the National Parks in the west.
By Linda der Weltenbummler
#620 - posted Sunday July 27, 2014 by Neil Gunton

"Greetings and Salutations to all in Crazy Guy On A Bike Verse!

The title for this tour didn't come to me easily.

I first thought of calling this tour 'Taking a couch potato on tour' because my son Maurice is joining me and his idea of aerobic exercise is walking down to the kitchen to eat a bag of Doritos.

Next I thought of titling the tour 'Couch potatoes on tour' because my aerobic activity hasn't been so hot since I finished my last tour, 'The Bitch is Back,' which no doubt accounts for the 20 pounds I've gained since then.

Then I thought of titling this tour 'Youth and Experience' 'cause that's really all we've got going for us.

'Youth and Experience' as a title was followed by thinking of 'My balls are numb, Mom' as a title given that I expect Maurice will say this to me during the trip. While we both thought 'My balls are numb' was an extremely funny title (while not being extremely funny in and of itself), we realized in the long run this wouldn't make for a good title, thus proving I do understand exercising restraint sometimes. Shocking, I know, for those who know me.

I was struggling with the title. And then I was saved when 'The Son Also Rises' came to me in a flash. Immediately my title search was over...
" - read this journal

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Journal: "Goodbye Colorado Winter; Hello Thailand, Myanmaar, Malaysia and Indonesia" by Len DeMoss Journal: "Big Muddy Maddness" by Douglas Coulter Journal: Re: Congratulations
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32 of 61 days
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19 of ??? days
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5 of 22 days
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109 of 142 days
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Work in progress
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27 of ??? days
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7 of 20 days
A travers les Amériques en Tandem - Riding through the Americas on a tandem *   Normand Pion, Helene Giguere and Claude Doucet  21:56 
87 of ??? days
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14 of ??? days
New York to San Francisco *   Arthur Tseng  21:51 
68 of 72 days
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Latest article updates:
Article Author Updated Status
The Quick & Dirty on Tire Repairs *   Dale Oswald  Wed 30 
Completed Nov 2004
Hoosier Pass Photos *   Joe & Susan Bousquet  Tue 29 
Work in progress
Meetings on the Road *   Jonathan Voelz and Kelly Iniguez  Mon 28 
Work in progress
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Work in progressFeatured Journal #487
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Work in progress
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Forum Subject Name Posted Replies Last post
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Latest classifieds:
Category  Summary Price  Status  Author  Created 
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Latest resource entries:
Summary Link Categories Updated 
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Cycling & Hiking Routes, Adventures, Books Travelogue, Website 2014-07-11 
Nederland Colorado, Great Parks South, Peak to Peak Highway   Hospitality 2014-07-07 
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Mathews, John* (johnmathews) 31 Jul 2014  18 Jul 2014 
Ketchum, Carlton (Skervald) 31 Jul 2014  18 Jun 2013 
de Chantal, Alex (alexdechantal) 30 Jul 2014  30 Jun 2014 
Bigl, Reinhart (rbigl) 30 Jul 2014  29 Sep 2009 
Hopkins, Cheri (HappyCow) 30 Jul 2014  2 Sep 2013 
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Latest ratings:
Type Link Summary Rated
Journal image

Image on journal page: Day 109: St. Mary Campground to Hungry Horse, MT in journal Between the Ends of AmericaFeatured Journal #453 by Jeff Arnim (Completed Aug 2011)

 2014-07-31 21:25 
Journal image
IMG_4284.jpg Wendy's sexy new tourer gets it's first taste of "Never Never" mud

Image on journal page: Day6:Bundaleer Gardens to Spalding in journal Greg and Wendy's tour of the Flinders Ranges/Mawson Trail, part 2, March 2012 by Greg McConnell (Completed Jul 2012)

 2014-07-31 21:02 
Journal image

Image on journal page: Day4:Melrose to Laura in journal Greg and Wendy's tour of the Flinders Ranges/Mawson Trail, part 2, March 2012 by Greg McConnell (Completed Jul 2012)

 2014-07-31 21:01 
Journal image

Image on journal page: Gillette to the Rescue: An Oasis in Coal Country in journal Self-PropelledFeatured Journal #613 by Geoff Winslow (101 of ??? days)

 2014-07-31 20:43 
Journal image

Image on journal page: Silverthorne to Granby: Blue Skies at last!! in journal Let the sky be my witness by Philip Malone (40 of ??? days)

 2014-07-31 20:29 
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